Enterprise Time and Labor Management

Whether you have a single location or a large distributed enterprise across North America, our systems can handle geographical separation of sites, multiple state and union requirements, complex pay rate calculations, and various regional pay practices and is very scalable.

overview of the enterprise solution:

Attendance Enterprise is a very scalable licensed payroll solution that will meet all of your in-house payroll needs regardless of the size of your organization.

Dashboard configuration lets managers see at a glance all their employee tracking and corrections needed, For instance, clicking on critical exceptions would show all employees with a missed punch, absence, etc. The section below is called "News Items". Boxes can be set up for things like Approaching Overtime alerts, Employee Reviews that are due, etc.


One of the powerful options of Employee Self Service is to set up the timesheet in jobcost allocations mode called "Worksheet" as shown above.


The time card view for managers is powerful and complete, allowing them to view and change schedules realtime, fix missed punches in an "in cell" editor, view exceptions such as tardy or leave early, and click, change and reallocate labor in department and job as needed.